Spring 2013 Student Online Exhibition!

The ART 517 Spring 2013 Student Online Exhibition.

Launched 5/9/13 @ 11 PM Eastern Time

View the ART 517  Student Exhibition here::


The works exhibited here have been curated by each student. Students were asked to select 2 out of the 5 major projects executed. All of the works included were generated during the spring semester of 2013. Additional student works can be found on their profile pages by clicking here.

Please share you thoughts!


short-link to this post – http://wp.me/p3rLZr-2R

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1 Response to Spring 2013 Student Online Exhibition!

  1. Winn Rea says:

    Wonderful collection of work! You are each pushing out in new directions–so great to be able to view it collectively here–Very Best to All!

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