Jennifer LaCava

Artist Bio 

 I am an artist and teacher. In 2011 I received a Bachelor in Visual Arts Education from NYIT. I was honored with the Deans Award for Excellence in Education and Content Instruction. Since graduating I have happily and effectively instructed students in darkroom photography, advanced photography, ceramics, high school studio, and middle school studio.

Currently, I am seeking a lasting position teaching Art and I am attending LIU Post as a full time student in the Master of Art program. While I passionately explore possibilities in art and satisfy my curiosities as an artist, I expect to receive my certification to teach permanently in 2016.

Artist Statement

Artists have studied and explored the unlimited potential of water and continue to do so each and every day. Water is often interpreted by civilizations as a sexual symbol, and consequently it becomes a symbol of life or birth, then ultimately a symbol of purity. Reflecting us literally, figuratively, and spiritually.

We have recently seen with our own eyes how ruinous and harmful this fluid can be, and that it doesn’t have to be violent or savage to bring us to our knees.  That water can press us in a serene, even tranquil manner. Only to have us admit how vulnerable and powerless we are as it slowly slides past us. When we take it in, we are forced to observe its calm surface beauty, realizing and knowing the destruction and force with which it moves below. Pushing, swishing, suffocating. Squeezing itself into every space, effortlessly forcing everything with it.

I am eternally seeking what’s beneath the surface of my expression. Helplessly I watch the destruction take place for the sake of embracing the purification left in its path.

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  1. love your animated gifs!

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