Sarah Asplund

Sarah Asplund


A little bit about the artist:
Sarah Asplund is an artist, art educator, and student at LIU Post. Asplund is originally from Connecticut and has lived on Long Island over the past five years to pursue both her bachelor’s and master’s degree. As an artist she works in various mediums to express her ideas. She is currently teaching art at two daycare locations and aspires to one day a classroom full time of her own.

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sculpture gif

Eye Painting GIFArtist Statement:
I believe that art is created based on a feeling
of a belief and through that things are expressed in multiple mediums. Art is
defined by the reaction of the viewer. An artist has the ability to work in any
style or materials he or she chooses. I believe art does not have to be created
through only one specific medium. It is up to the creator to use which ever
objects that they believe will work most successfully in expressing their
ideas. Through this I have created art that stands by those beliefs. My work is
a mixture of materials that I believed at the time was going to be successful in
expressing my thoughts.

During my studies at Dowling College and
continuing now at Long Island University, I have been fascinated by the concept
of metamorphosis and continue to create art that emphasizes this interest. In
the past couple years my art has expressed this concept particularly using
hands as my main focus. I have examined the appearance of a hand and have had
it morph into objects in nature that we often do not see ourselves being
related to. Through my art I want to show my viewers that we as humans are not
as different from the precious objects that surround us in nature’s


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2 Responses to Sarah Asplund

  1. fantastic!! great idea!

  2. Awesome concept Sarah! We are unbelievably reminiscent of our natural surroundings. I just read a quote today that I think you might like, “Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth are never alone or weary of life, the more we focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the Universe about us, the less we shall have for destruction.” Rachel Carson.

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